Direct Drive from November 6 - 20, 2020

Direct Drive Background

The Direct Drive is the single major fundraising event at our school, so that as busy parents we do not have to take our children door-to-door selling chocolate, magazines, frozen meat, wrapping paper, etc. With the full schedules facing many families these days, it can be challenging to commit time to fundraising, especially when only a portion of the funds collected go towards the school and we end up with a lot of extra stuff that we don’t really want or need.  WITH DIRECT DRIVE, 100% of donated funds go to our school!  For donation details click here.

In past years the Direct Drive has raised funds to purchase the mobile laptop lab (30 laptops plus mobile cart!), build the new playground, provide each classroom with a SMART Board, purchase a set of iPads, and provide library support, music support and extra classroom support, to name just a few. No matter what stage your child is in their time at McKechnie, they have, or will, benefit from the funds raised during the Direct Drive, and it is vital we continue this legacy.  Your kids and the teachers thank you for your support!


Direct Drive 2020/2021

The Direct Drive campaign is from November 6-20, 2020 this year.  Our goals are to provide more outdoor seating areas to provide safer, well-spaced learning environments.  As well, we hope to provide monetary support for both in-classroom teaching and on-line media equipment so that our teachers can effectively teach all our children during such challenging times.  As always, we will strive for 100% family participation for the benefit of all the children at McKechnie Elementary.

The Direct Drive coordinator, together with the PAC Executive, works with the school administration, teachers, and support staff to develop a prioritized list of initiatives to be funded by the proceeds of this year’s direct drive (see below). They will also work together to ensure all the funds are spent, tracked and accounted for as the year progresses, to make certain our children get the maximum benefit of all the money our families have so generously donated.  In addition to the special capital items we identify, the Direct Drive will continue to provide support to each individual classroom, resource teachers, school wide dance and badminton programs, as special PAC-sponsored workshops.