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McKechnie PAC is committed to providing monetary support for both in-classroom reaching and online media equipment so that our children can receive the best education possible.   

The Direct Drive campaign is held every fall.  While more information comes home in October about this fundraiser, parents can make a donation at any point during the school year.  

The McKechnie PAC has proudly contributed to initiatives like the playground, digital book subscriptions, new laptop computers and work stations, new gym equipment, musical instruments and more!  It is incredible what a small and passionate community can do when we work together!

Donation is through SchoolCash Online. 
Click "Make a Donation" and then click "Fund Destination" and indicate "E-Dr. R.E. McKechnie PAC"

Collecting Money
sports day 2.jpg

We Reached our

Fundraising Goal for the



With a grand total of


Thank you for all your generous contributions!

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