Volunteering is a great way to engage with other parents and to share more of your child’s experience at our small school.  The strength of our school community comes from committed volunteers like yourself!  There are many fun ways to get involved in your child's school, and many of the roles can be done after work. Every volunteer is critical to your child's McKechnie experience!


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Class Parent

This is a critical position with one parent needed per division, but it may be shared by two parents.  Duties include: create class email & phone list, organize teacher gifts, be the PAC information source for your class by attending PAC meetings and/or distributing PAC info emails to parents.  CP's can also organize parent socials if desired.

General Roles

From heading a committee to the distribution of pizza lunches; Helping to coach track or helping in the library there are a variety of ways for to help for every level of time commitment to suit your schedule.

Class Photographer

Attend class events and take photos of the children during the school year.  These photos are used to construct our beautiful yearbook.  This role is a great way to be involved with you child's school experience at the classroom level.