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Resources from Abigail at Mother Flipping Awesome

The workshop on April 12th ended up being an interactive series of conversations where people shared personal stories from their families. So instead of the recording, we are giving you some extra resources from Abigail that we think might be helpful in relation to this topic. Check them out below… 👇


1. Abigail interviews Julie Lythcott-Haims — author, speaker, activist and former dean of admissions at Stanford University, about her latest book "Your Turn: How to Be an Adult." 🎙


This funny, heartbreaking, and deeply inspirational talk between two new friends examines the skill-sets today's kids must learn in order to become tomorrow's thriving grown-ups. A must-listen, no matter how old you are!


Check out the interview HERE!

2. Masterclass on “How to Get Your Kids to Eat Dinner” 🍝 

In this class you'll learn these yummy ideas:

👉 APPETIZER: We open with tips for getting your kids to actually come to the table!

👉 MAIN COURSE: We will share a giant spoonful of methods for getting them to eat a really good meal!

👉 DESSERT: And we will end with some sweet ways dinnertime can become family connection time!


Access the class HERE.

3. Masterclass on “Inside the Mind of Your Strong-Willed Child” 💪


Your friend's kid stops when she asks him to take ice cream off the shelf at the store, but your kid would lock you in the freezer if it meant they'd get the ice cream. You're not crazy. You're not imagining it. Some kids are more... determined. This class explains why this is, and what you can do about it.

Access the class HERE.

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Social Emotional Learning Programs

WITS Program

  • Strategies to promote kindness and help kids manage conflict such as peer victimization


EASE Program

  • Everyday strategies to manage worries/anxiety such as following routines, body awareness, calm breathing, and spotting helpful/unhelpful thoughts


Mind-Up Program

  • Resources and strategies for parents and families aimed at developing resilience, problem solving, and optimism


Social Thinking / Zones of Regulation

Youth & Family Resources:Websites:VSB Mental Health Resource List: Mental Health – BC Children’s Hospital: Local Mental Health Resource Directory:

  • The Whole-Brain Child - Daniel Siegel &Tina Payne Bryson

  • The Whole-Brain Child Workbook: Practical Exercises, Worksheets and Activities to Nurture Developing Minds - Daniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson


WITS Programs Foundation

WITS Programs prevent bullying and discrimination, promote kindness

The WITS Programs for children and youth prevent peer victimization: bullying and discrimination, and promote kindness.



MindUP for Families

The MindUP program helps families, parents and caregivers pay attention to developing the whole child, with interest given to social and emotional learning. (66 kB)


Free Stuff to Use at Home & School

New free information in one of these four areas: 1. Read Aloud Books and Thinksheets, 2. Video tips and Lessons, 3. Webinars and Aha! Moments, and 4. Articles. Share with your students, clients and children! (11 kB)


Free Resources for Learning about The Zones of Regulation

Further supplement the development of your students’ regulation as part of their social emotional learning with these free, timely strategies and tools when specifically using The Zones of Regulation curriculum to help individuals ages 5-18+. These free resources provide select examples of deeper instruction when using some of the 11 Zones of Regulation products.

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